We are Wind River


I am Wind River, flying and flowing. Like the Wyoming Bighorn. Like a California wave. Or just like Fiddler and Wilner, my fathers and founders. Back in a Berkeley garage. Back in nineteen eighty one. Back in the days when a minicomputer was large and the Internet was small. That was me back then, both small and large. A megabyte minicomputer dreaming of a billion gigabit microcontrollers

All connected. Smart. And agile. Like a Hunter and Ready, made working. That is me, vxWorks, a game changer and a key enabler. I am anything and everything from a Francis Ford Coppola film-editing system to a Clementine Pathfinder something on a Rover Mission in outer space. Endless and seamless. Expanding. Like the Universe. Like a Tornado in a late summer storm. Or just like me, from around the corner to Alameda to Europe to Asia Pacific and Big in Japan

Yes I am big now! I am the Master of the Matrix of Pain. A Dreamliner cruising the sky. A binary performer, a digital transformer. I am fine-tuned hardware with plug-in add-on over-the-moon under-the-hood high-quality low-cost middleware. Both backwards compatible and future prepared. The Eclipse of the past and dawn of the future. An Intellistar, promising tomorrow

I am award-winning industry-leading market-specific special-purpose de facto standard solutions. All around the best-of-breed that meets the need. The impossible ma­de real. Like the last bug, imagine this, found and fixed. I am a workhorse workbench, a top-notch top dog, a Linux Penguin and a roaming GNU. SingleStepping your Integrated Systems with my Embedded Support Tools

I am Wind River, flying and flowing. A first class carrier-grade type 1 hypervisor. An Interpeak packet protocol video stream datagram. An alfa-class DIAB Cantata for a B1 Bomber. Best of Show and Best of Interop. A Rockin’ Hot Cool Vendor with some really cool stuff, like a hot swapping firewall and a mind blowing Android. I am industry-hardened and user friendly, Xscale-armed with a Tilcon inter-face. An Open Handset, hands-on at the heart with a reliable handshake and Intel behind my back, looking forward to you

So Welcome On-Board! To a fast track fast train. To less than an hour. To a yet-to-be-named-device with the experience of more than a billion; mobile phones and base stations, industrial controls and avionics systems, naval platforms and land stations, in-vehicle infotainment and medical devices. Killing time and saving lives

I am Simics and Achilles. LiMo and Yocto and ComSys and MIZI. I am position-independent, memory mapped, mission-critical and checksum-controlled. Verified certified recognized optimized organized globalized and virtualized. I am real-life real-time link-time run-time fun-time on-track on-task on-time on-line on-chip end-to-end built-to-last and ready-to-run. A multiuser multiaccess multipurpose multiprotocol multifunction single-vendor dual-operating system with multicore of course. Multiplexing and multitasking, yes

I am Wind River, flying and flowing. Like the Wyoming Bighorn. Like a California wave. Or just like the vision of a few, the hard work of many and the fun of it all. Powering 30 years of innovation, together, you and I

We are Wind River!

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