Welcome to Sweden

Hello, my name is Lennart and I am from Sweden, in Scandinavia, Europe, is a Swedish band, Roxette too, and ABBA of course, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia. And we have Santa Lucia, Pippi longstocking, the Stockholm archipelago, Bjorn Borg and Gothenborg with Vikings, tall like all Swedes, all beautiful with blonde hair and sexy blue eyes

Welcome to Sweden, King Karl-Gustaf and Gustav Vasa, Vasaloppet, Wasa knäckebröd, a sunken Vasa-ship and a crashed Saab, Kosta Boda H&M SAS IKEA Ericsson 3G and over three million Average-Svensson-Nilsson-Persson-Olsson-Anderssons, Stieg Larsson’s trilogy, Jansson’s Temptation and let’s not forget Karlsson-on-the-roof

Come to Sweden and see the northern light in Lapland. See the midnight sun on Midsummer’s Day, when we all dance like frogs around a dead tree and party on rotten fish and bottles of snaps – Helan går, sjung hopp, fa-de-ral-lan lej – and then we go skinny dipping and get naked in the sauna, even though we usually act shy. And modest too, when we get the Nobel Prize, just lucky

Because in world-superior Sweden we are all the same, always normal, always neutral, just enough lagom and never ever better. We are all for all and all for all. On the team, in the group and member of the Union. United unified uniform and unisex. Look-alike, think-alike, dress-alike, earn-alike, know-alike, act-alike, all alike

We like meatballs on our smörgåsbord. We like wooden clogs and wooly hat-tricks by Zlatan. We like Läkerol and Absolute alcohol, blood sausage and lingonberry jam with ecologic milk, recyclable Volvos, healthy snuff and other funny stuff like – innebandy

And yes yes it’s true, we do have polar bears on the street and great moose in our backyards. We do make Dala horses, but not Swatch watches, Sweden is not Switzerland

And yes we do have househusbands on paternity leave, male feminists and capitalistic socialists on the left and everyman’s right, to free camping, free downloading, free sex, free schools and free health-care because our wages are low, our taxes are high, our winters are long and our summers are short. But we have fifty weeks of vacation, our own unique 10-digit number, a sing-song sevenhundredseventyseven seasick sailors sound and a hundred thousand lakes in

Sweden, the land of pine-tree and the Baltic Sea. The land of Forsberg and Ingmar Bergman. The land of the open-minded but close-mouthed, silently angry and openly whining. The northfound southbound sun-loving Thailand-going Majorca-pigparty-package-tour-taxfree-travellers. The land of nature mentality, gender equality, social security, state monopoly, dummy monarchy, Bingo lottery and Robin Hood Big Brother Supernanny philosophy

Sweden, a welfare model, a bikini team, a massage, a home movie
The home of Inga from Sweden

Welcome to

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